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Reading Requirements

Under the Territorial Mobility Agreement, applicants eligible for full membership in the Law Society of Yukon under the Territorial Mobility Agreement will be required to declare that they have met the reading requirements established by the Law Society of Yukon. The following Reading Requirements may be updated from time to time to include any other materials as required by the Executive.

  1. Review the Yukon Territory's Legal Profession Act, Rules and Code of Conduct on our website:

  2. Review the Rules of Court and Practice Directions found at:

    Please note that the Yukon Court of Appeal has its own Rules, however, when the Yukon Court of Appeal rules are silent on a specific issue, the British Columbia Court of Appeal Rules are followed. In addition, the Yukon Court of Appeal follows the British Columbia Court of Appeal Practice Directives.

  3. Review all Yukon Territory Statutes relating to the areas of law in which you intend to practice which will include, but is not limited to, the following list. These can be accessed through CanLII at

    Civil Procedure
    Age of Majority
    Arbitration Act
    Consumers Protection Act
    Contributory Negligence Act
    Defamation Act
    Dependents Relief Act
    Employment Standards Act
    Evidence Act
    Executions Act
    Exemptions Act

    Corporate Commercial
    Builders Lien Act
    Business Corporations Act
    Co-operative Associations Act
    Partnership and Business Names Act
    Societies Act
    Trustee Act

    Criminal and Regulatory
    Coroners Act
    Corrections Act
    Environment Act
    Evidence Act
    Jury Act
    Mental Health Act
    Motor Vehicles Act
    Wildlife Act

    Debtor Creditor
    Collection Act
    Creditors Relief Act
    Fraudulent Preferences and
         Conveyances Act
    Garnishee Act
    Fatal Accidents Act
    Garage Keepers Lien Act
    Health Care Insurance Plan Act
    Insurance Act
    Judicature Act
    Limitation of Actions Act
    Miners Lien Act
    Municipal Act
    Personal Property Security Act
    Survival of Actions Act
    Workers' Compensation Act

    Family Law
    Children's Act
    Decision Making Support
         and Protection to Adults Act
    Family Property & Support Act
    Yukon Divorce Rules

    Federal Statutes
    Yukon Act
    Yukon Environmental and
       Socio-Economic Assessment Act
    Yukon First Nations Self Government Act
    Yukon First Nations Land
       Claims Settlement Act
    Yukon Surface Rights Board Act

    First Nation Law
    Umbrella Final Agreement
    First Nations (Yukon)
        Self-Government Act

    Real Estate
    Home Owners Grant Act
    Landlord and Tenant Act
    Land Title's Act
    Real Estate Agents Act

    Wills & Estates
    Estate Administration Act
    Wills Act