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Territorial Mobility Agreement Notice

As part of a Canada-wide effort to reduce inter-jurisdictional barriers for lawyers wishing to practice in other jurisdictions, the Yukon has signed the Territorial Mobility Agreement.

To address the unique situation of each of the northern Canadian law societies, a Territorial Mobility Agreement (TMA) was negotiated in 2006 between the Law Societies of Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut and the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. The TMA was adopted as an amendment to the National Mobility Agreement (NMA) after being signed by each of the 14 Canadian law societies on November 3, 2006.

The NMA and the TMA address two distinct types of mobility: Permanent Mobility and Temporary Mobility.

Permanent Mobility - Full Membership in the Yukon Bar

The TMA requires the Law Society of Yukon to adopt a process whereby lawyers who are entitled to practice and in good standing in another Canadian jurisdiction, upon application and payment of the full membership fee, be permitted to become full members of the Law Society of Yukon. Provided their membership application is acceptable, there will not be a requirement for the practitioner to requalify or write a statutes exam in the Yukon Territory. Applicants will be required to declare that they have met the reading requirements established by the Law Society of Yukon.

Temporary Mobility - Certificate of Permission to Act

The TMA does not change the application process or fees required to obtain a Certificate of Permission to Act. A Certificate of Permission to Act is required for practitioners wanting to act on behalf of Yukon clients, on a temporary basis, without becoming a member of the Law Society.

Please direct any questions or enquiries to the Law Society of Yukon.

Law Society of Yukon
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Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 0M2
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