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A Certificate of Permission to Act entitles a lawyer who is not a member of the Law Society of Yukon to represent client(s) on a specific case or matter for a specific period of time.  There is no limit to the number of Certificates of Permission that a lawyer may hold at one time.  The Law Society may be contacted to provide clarification, subject to privacy concerns, regarding the exact matter(s) on which the lawyer is permitted to act.

The following lawyers have Certificates of Permission to Act. 

Please see our Legal Profession Act and Rules for information on the membership process, fees and requirements.


Changes in 2019 Membership Status


On an annual basis, the Law Society of Yukon will advise the public of the names of the lawyers who are no longer practising law in the Yukon Territory. Questions about this notice may be directed to the Law Society Office at 668-4231.

Disciplinary Suspension

No members of the Law Society of Yukon are currently under disciplinary suspension.



No members of the Law Society of Yukon are currently disbarred.


Administrative Suspensions

Administrative suspensions are made for non-payment of annual fees, errors and omissions insurance levies or surcharges, or failure to complete or file required forms.

Merle Alexander
Leonard Doust
Oleh Ilnyckyj
Darcy Lindberg
Bonnie MacDonald
Mary Margaret MacKinnon


The following lawyers ceased practising law in the Yukon because they voluntarily resigned from the Law Society of Yukon:

Sarah Ciarrocchi
Geoffrey Cowper
Susan Dennehy
Jean-Benoit Deschamps
Shane Hickey
Darlene Jonsson
Eric Marcoux
Patrick Orr
Mark Reynolds
William Woodhead

Change In Status

The following lawyers changed their status to that of Non-Practising:

Monmi Goswami
Naomi Kovak
Sonya Morgan
Journey Paulus
Megan Seiling